Social Media and Facebook App Development

We build sites, apps and campaigns that integrate with social media channels

Use social media to create, share and engage

Integrated solutions that work with the biggest social channels

Facebook has over 1.15 billion users and 23% of these check their accounts more than five times a day, while both Google Plus and Twitter each have over 500 million users. LinkedIn has over 240 million users, 50% of whom have a graduate qualification. Used properly, high volume social media channels can be used to drive relevant traffic to your content, driving engagement and increasing your audience.

We'll work with you to help create a relevant, measurable social media strategy which integrates with your site, app and content to drive your goals.

Social media analytics
We've built Facebook apps for household brands

Social media strategy and planning

Social media is incredibly powerful when used effectively. Whether you want to create buzz about a particular event, promote general awareness or target particular market segments for potential customers, talk to us. We'll help plan, execute and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Facebook apps and games

We've designed, built and hosted standalone Facebook apps and games on behalf of household brands and blue chip companies. Our greatest engagement statistic to date? Over 1,200 Likes per day for one particular Facebook app!

Integrated social functionality

Do you want your latest blog post to be automatically posted on your Facebook page and a short URL sent out via Twitter? No problem. Would you like to automatically display your latest products on Pinterest? Start showing them off. Do you need to ask your eCommerce customers for feedback seven days after order dispatch? Done.

We seamlessly integrate with some of the biggest social media platforms to drive traffic, increase engagement and raise awareness of your site or app.

Drive traffic from social channels

Leveraging the popularity of some of the biggest social media sites can increase your audience, drive engagement and help your site or app meet your goals.

Strategy for social media

We'll help you plan what to say, where and when to say it and who to say it to. Then we'll measure the campaign effectiveness and share the statistics with you.

Standalone Facebook apps and games

We've designed and built standalone Facebook apps and games for household brands, all with high response rates and engagement figures.

Integrated social functions

Automated social functionality helps consistently drive traffic from social channels, saves time, creates buzz and keeps your audience engaged.