Digital Development

World class coding to deliver the best performing websites, web applications and mobile apps

A modern, robust, transparent approach

Class leading digital development

The sites and apps we build use modern, robust development techniques and best practices. This means your website or application looks the way it was designed and is fast, secure, efficient and extensible.

From responsive web sites that look great on desktop, mobile and tablet to mobile web-apps and native iOS and Android mobile applications, we specialise in the full spectrum of digital web and mobile development.

Modern, robust app and website development techniques
We invest in research and development

The right solution

We invest significantly in researching and testing the latest and greatest web technologies, programming languages and coding techniques. This means we can build your site or app using the best and most suitable technologies for the job.

We use a range of solutions and techniques for the effective, efficient production of small sites and blogs through to large corporate sites that run on content management systems and online stores that use eCommerce software. We design and produce cross-platform mobile web-apps, native apps, apps and games for Facebook and build completely custom and bespoke sites and systems too.

Always Approachable

You may not know your XHTML from your jQuery, PHP and mySQL. That's our job, and we'll always endeavour to talk to you in terms you'll understand. Want to roll up your sleeves and talk tech? That's fine too!

Front end development

This is typically the production of XHTML markup and CSS stylesheets – code that makes your site or app look and feel the way it was designed. This important phase not only ensures that the application looks right, but also that it works across browsers and operating systems, meets web and accessibility standards and responds well when read by search engines.

Back end development

Often thought of as the 'business-end' of your web site or application, this is the side of your site or application that your users won't usually see. We'll build and deploy software here that will enable you to add and edit content on your site, check your eCommerce store takings, send a templated email to your client base or find out your latest site traffic statistics.

Here we might use and customise third-party solutions such as Wordpress, Drupal or Magento or integrate with powerful APIs and systems from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps or MailChimp.

Bespoke web development and database architecture

We have an extensive knowledge of a long list of coding languages, techniques, systems and frameworks. If you can dream it up, we can build it – be it websites, web apps, native mobile applications or desktop applications.

We'll explore potential solutions with you in an open and collaborative manner
We'll recommend and walk you through the best technical solutions, explaining the features and benefits of each so that we can make an informed decision together.

Fast, secure, robust, efficient

Our class leading development techniques make for an excellent user experience and create solutions that 'just work'.

Proven solutions and techniques

We invest in technical research and development so that we can meet your objectives with the most effective solutions.

Friendly and approachable

We'll try to keep the technical speak and acronymns to a minimum, unless you want to talk tech of course!

Drawing from experience

Our digital development clients range from start-ups and small businesses to household brands and blue chip companies.