Toshiba: Man of Steel

Working with Things With Wings

Facebook games for the newest Superman movie

Our cross platform app promotes high engagement

When Toshiba asked Things With Wings to help them create a campaign to promote their sponsorship of the Man of Steel movie, they proposed a series of Facebook games. Released one at a time as part of the same Facebook app, each game would isolate an aspect of Superman’s powers, testing users' speed, reactions and intelligence.

Players would enter their high scores from each challenge into a combined league, with the winners receiving some incredible prizes including a weightless flight experience and some fantastic Toshiba kit.

Our cross-platform technologies helped boost engagement – users could play the games on desktop and mobile devices
Toshiba Man of Steel Facebook app on desktop

From concept to execution

Involved with the campaign from the very start, we worked closely with Things With Wings at every stage of the project. Our technical execution delivered an on-brand look and feel, compatibility with a high number of devices (including tablet and mobile), smooth gaming experiences, a robust infrastructure that handled high traffic and lots of campaign data for those all important ROI figures.

High engagement and great stats

We saw high traffic and engagement, lots of return users and an increase in Likes for Toshiba's Facebook page – with all games and related services available for 100% of the campaign duration. The only complaint? One player had to cancel his plans for the weekend because he got hooked on our flying game!