505 Games: Ashes Cricket

Working with Things With Wings

A Facebook app to promote a new game

Engaging sports fans and creating awareness

When 505 Games and Things With Wings planned a campaign to promote the forthcoming Ashes Cricket video game, they came up with a competition concept to generate buzz. Cricket teams would be able to compete for the chance to be scanned in 3D and added as a team in the game.

Teams would be able to enter their details into a league table via a Facebook app, adding a reason why they should win and uploading an image of themselves or using the integrated logo generator. Visitors to the app could then vote for a team and the team with the most votes by the deadline would win their place in the video game.

505 Games Ashes Cricket 2013 Facebook app on desktop
Ashes Cricket 2013 Facebook app on mobile devices

An elegant, robust solution for desktop and mobile platforms

Collaborating closely with the team at Things With Wings, we built a Facebook app with this mechanic. It was designed to generate excitement about the forthcoming game release and built to withstand high volumes of traffic.

In order to maximise participation it worked on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We also leveraged Facebook sign-in to enforce the rules of the competition – preventing multiple entries and votes.

High engagement, huge buzz

The campaign attracted a high number of entries and many thousands of votes. It was mentioned on Radio 5 Live and tweeted about by celebrities including Hugh Grant and Gary Lineker. The competition came right down to the wire, with two teams vying for the top spot right up to the deadline.

Great stats

Engagement with the target audience exceeded all targets. There's even a video on YouTube showing the competition winners watching the app up to the deadline and finding out they'd won!